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Title: Analisis cemaran bakteri coliform dan identifikasi escherichia coli pada es batu kristal dan es balok di Kelurahan Cibubur Jakarta Timur Tahun 2016
Authors: Lailatul Khotimah
Advisors: Puteri Amelia
Saiful Bahri
Keywords: Ice cubes;diarrhea;coliform;Escherichia coli
Issue Date: 1-Aug-2016
Abstract: Ice cubes is used by people for drinking. Ice cubes in the market is derived from household industries or depot ice cubes. The source water that is used by household industries or depot ice cubes is not safe becauseit’s using ground water, while the quality of ground water in Jakarta hasbeen contaminated. So, the quality of the ice cubes production will be low and it can cause disease. One of the diseases that can emerge is diarrhea. Diarrhea is one of the diseases that is being health problem in Indonesia becausethe rate of incidence is still high. Ice cubes can cause diarrhea when it hasEscherichia colibacteria inside, thus it’s necessary to check the quality of ice cubes in terms of microbiology. This study is conducted to see the contamination of coliform bacteria and the existence of Escherichia coli in ice crystals and ice cubes. The results showthat 7 of 7 samples containcoliform bacteria and Escherichia coli with MPN values above the standard. The conclusion of this study is quality of ice crystals in restaurant and ice cubes from distributor ices arenot good and did not meet the microbiological criteria specified in SNI dan Kemenkes RI No. 907/MENKES/SK/VII/2002 (coliform dan Escherichia coli0/100 mL).
Description: Lailatul Khotimah
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