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Title: Pengaruh Labelisasi Halal Terhadap Keputusan Pembelian Produk Mi Instan
Authors: Muniati Aisyah
Keywords: consumer behavior;consumer satisfaction
Publisher: Jakarta: The Faculty of Economics and Business UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta
Series/Report no.: Jurnal Etikonomi;Vol.6 No.2, Desember 2007, pp.171-188
Abstract: The knowledge of consumer decision making factors are needed to understand the consumer behavior. The understanding is to reach the consumer satisfaction, so that they continuously repurchase the product. The Theory of Reasoned action is applied in this research to understand of the consumer behavior concerning the intention to buy products with label halal. According to Fishbein and Ajzen as mentioned by Dharmmesta (1992), this theory says that behavior intention (BI) is moderating variables influence behavior of attitudes (Ab) and subjective norms (SN). This parameter can identify how consumer behavior intention to buy products with label halal, are infuenced by attitudes (Ab) and subjective norms (SN). The object as the halal label product is noodles are producted by PT Indofood Sukses Makmur, which is based on survey by Frontier Marketing and Research Consultant (2002), Indofood noodles has the biggest marker share in Indonesia with familiar brands such as Indomie, Supermie, Sarimi, Pop mie, etc. The attitudes (Ab) and subjective norms (SN) have positives influences to customer behavior intention to buy (131) products with label halal and the dominate variable in this relationship is attitudes .The customer behavior intention changing, are influenced also by the changing of attitudes and subjective norms, and the attitudes and subjective norms together significantly influence the customer behavior intention to buy products with label halal.
ISSN: 1412-8969
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