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Title: Measuring Hablumminallah Behavior within The Third-Order Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Muslim Consumers’ Religious Behavior Model, Book of Abstract: Creating Innovation and Value Added Business, Global Conference on Business, Management and Entrepreneurship (GCBME 2016)
Authors: Muniaty Aisyah
Keywords: muslim;religious;consumer behavior;third-order cfa model;hablumminallah
Issue Date: 8-Aug-2016
Publisher: Bandung: Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
Abstract: This research is intended to measure the consumers’ hablumminallah behavior within the third-order confirmatory factor (CFA) model of Muslim Consumers’ Religious Behavior (MCRB) framework. The concept of hablumminallah behavior is precisely about Muslim religious behavior which formed from cognition, affection and conation behavior in Faith and Worship aspects of a Muslim in his or her relationship with God. Different with many other previous researches about Muslim religiosity that mostly still apply a one to one measurement of Christian or western terminologies, this research applies an Islamic concept of measurement that derived from the holy Al Qur'an and Hadith. To measure the proposed model, 390 data sets were generated through a survey which were analyzed by using the structural equation modeling with Amos 22.0 software. The finding shows that Indonesian Muslim consumers have high levels of hablumminallah behavior and when a third-order CFA model was performed on MCRB’s constructs, it proved to be valid and reached a goodness-of-fit model. This study was the continuity of previous researches which implemented the first-order CFA model of hablumminallah behavior and the second-order CFA model of MCRB framework. Because religious behavior is viewed as an important factor that affect consumers purchase pattern in so many ways, by analyzing the level of MCRB allowing marketers to plan a suitable marketing strategy. Since the Indonesian Muslim consumers have high levels of hablumminallah behavior, it is strongly recommended for marketers to assure the halalness (lawfulness) of their products accordingly to the Islamic law. This research is limited to only measuring the consumers’ hablumminallah behavior, while both consumers’ hablumminannas behavior and the third-order CFA model of MCRB framework measurements will be analyzed later in another further researches.
ISSN: 978-94-62520-68-4
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