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Title: Pengaruh Media Massa terhadap Niat Konsumen Membeli Produk Berlabel Halal, Proceedings Forum Manajemen Indonesia 6: Entrepreneurial Management
Authors: Muniaty Aisyah
Keywords: produk halal;label halal;media massa;perilaku religius
Issue Date: Nov-2014
Publisher: Medan: Departemen Manajemen Fakultas Ekonomis dan Bisnis Universitas Sumatera Utama
Abstract: The purposes of this research is to analyze the influence of mass media on consumer intention to purchase halal-labeled products. This research uses convenience random sampling and applies Structural Equation Model with 366 samples which represents the Muslim consumer especially college students. The finding shows that mass media doesn’t significantly influence consumer intention to purchase halal-labeled products directly, but indirectly, mass media significantly influence consumer intention to purchase halal-labeled products which is mediated by consumer’s religious behavior. Thus, it is suggested that government with other related institutions need to conduct an intensive program to educate and socialize the public about halal-labeled products through above and below the line campaign.
ISSN: 2407-0548
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