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Title: Students' Readability of English Textbooks (A Mix-Method Study of the Tenth Grade Students at Five Vocational Schools in Majalengka West Java)
Authors: Mujahidah, Idah
Advisors: Dr. Fahriany, M. Pd
Keywords: readability;textbooks;reading level
Issue Date: 19-Dec-2014
Publisher: FITK UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta
Abstract: The objectives of this study were to find out the readability levels of English textbooks for the tenth grade of vocational school students and to find out whether the readability levels of English textbooks matched to the tenth grade students’ readability at five vocational schools in Majalengka or not. The main data collection was gained by making use of tests. The first test measured students’ comprehension on the textbooks by using cloze test. The second test was determining the readability level of English textbooks by using Fry’s Readability Graph. Both tests were done to assure that this study was reliable. The supporting data were gained by making use of interview both English teachers and students. There were five English teachers and ten students interviewed in this study. The interview was conducted to figure out their assessment of the readabality and their students’ readability towards the English textbooks namely Get Along with English 1 and English for SMK 1. Based on Fry’s readability graph the readability level of Get Along with English 1 was at the 7th grade. The readability level of English for SMK 1 was at the 8th grade. These findings meant that the readability of both textbooks was 2—3 levels below the real grade of the students. According to Dubay, it was useful to enhance students’ comprehension for those who have a low interest in reading. The average correct answers of test participants in five vocational schools were between 35—50%. Based on Taylor’s reading level it meant that the students were at the instructional or assisted level. They needed teachers assistant to make sense the content of their English textbook. The readability of English textbooks for the tenth grade students of five vocational schools did not match to the students’ readability level. The nature of English textbooks readability which was at the 7th and the 8th grades should be much more understandable and readable by the tenth grade of vocational school students. On the other words, the correct answer of cloze test should be between 50—60% which was meant that the students were at the unassisted reading level. They can make sense the content of textbooks independently.
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