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Title: Computation Model for the FeB/Fe2B Layer Growth Diffusion Kinetic during the St41 Low Carbon Steel Powder Pack Boriding
Authors: Sutrisno
Keywords: Powder pack boriding, Fick’s law, parabolic growth constan, diffusion coefficient, FeB/Fe2B layer.
Issue Date: Aug-2014
Publisher: Universitas Negeri Makassar
Abstract: In this paper, a computation model is proposed to study the growth diffusion of two layers (FeB/Fe2B) of St41 low carbon steel during the powder pack boriding in the temperature of 9000C fo 8 hours of treatment time. This computation model based on the Fick’s Law was solved under the certain assumptions with the parabolic growth of iron boride. For this study, a numerical method was created to comput the iron boride thickness as a function of process parameters (temperature and time). Based on the parabolic growth constant it can be determined the diffusion coefficient for the phase of FeB, Fe2B, and diffusion zone.
ISSN: 979-604-151-0
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