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Title: An Investigation Of Identity Issues In An Efl Textbook For Junior High School/Mts Students: A Socio-Cultural Perspective
Authors: Alek
Keywords: Identity;Culture;English;textbooks;socio-culture
Issue Date: 9-Jan-2016
Publisher: Jakarta : Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University
Abstract: Indonesia as a multicultural country has special characteristics compared to other countries in the world. Besides as a multicultural country, Indonesia also known as a country which actively used more or less 300 local languages by its community which are stretched since the western part to the easiest part of Indonesia. English as one of a foreign language which is compulsory taught in national curriculums. The need for English textbooks governed by the government through a special board, namely National Board of Educational Standard (BSNP) or now is well-known ‗Pusat Perbukuan Nasional.‘ This board has a specific task that is to arrange since preparation for writing up to mandating the textbooks of which are regarded or recommended to be used in the schools based on its levels. The contents of the textbooks were also assessed and evaluated accurately by the National Board of Educational Standard (BSNP) in order to ensure that those textbooks have met the standard made. The objectives of this research were to investigate and describe clearly about the identity issues which contained in the English textbook used in the Junior High School and Islamic School ‗Madrasah Tsanawiah (MTs).‘ The data source of this research obtained from an English textbook ‗English in Focus‘ which is published by the Department of National Education of Republic of Indonesia. Meanwhile research method applied was content analysis viewed from socio-cultural perspective. This method chosen based on the characteristics of the research which elucidated some issues related to culture and identity issues which occurring within the textbook investigated. Research findings show that cultural representation which are depicted through using names, pictures, symbols, expressions/sentences, and social identities are characterized with some traits, cover: gender, race, and profession which are used unequally and inconstancy among the reading texts and picture illustration. Based on the results, it can be drawn conclusion that identity issues become one of the prominent aspects in writing English textbooks, especially English as a foreign language, in this respect is English textbooks for junior high and high school students. Paying close attention to this respect is meant to enhance the students‘ awareness of multiculturalism and cross-cultural understanding in order to remain and develop awareness of the sense of equality within the framework of the unitary Republic of Indonesia.
ISBN: 978-602-6879-29-5
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