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Title: Humanistic values in English textbooks for junior high school
Authors: Alek
Sri Arfani
Keywords: English school textbook;humanistic values
Issue Date: 14-Nov-2016
Publisher: Faculty of Educational Sciences, Department of English Education, Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University of Jakarta
Abstract: English textbooks for junior high school have been scrutinized by many researchers in many aspects. However, the humanistic values is one aspect that has not been investigated as thoroughly. Humanistic value investigation is a valid and important aspect to be investigated. The purpose of this study was to evaluate and describe traits that represent humanistic values contained in some of the EFL textbooks for junior high schools. The method of this study was descriptive content analysis. Data was collected was pursued based on unit analysis, identification, coding, and classification. The procedure of data analysis and interpretation adapted pattern made by Phyllip Myring. Finding shows that: 1) Humanistic values in the themes of learning in EFL textbooks of junior High school: (a) optimistic value and freedom has the same number are 45%, (b) freedom value is 21%, (c) social value equation respectively 20%.2) Humanistic values in language skills in EFL textbooks of junior High school: a) freedom values 41%, b) Social 25%, and c) Optimistic 24%. Based on the result above, the conclusion that humanistic values in textbooks for junior high school consists of five, namely freedom, equation, brotherhood , optimistic and social values. Referring to these respects, it can suggested that investigation about humanistic values in EFl textbook is mostly needed and should be done continuously in order to reveal any values which are useful for the students and the teacher in fostering their awareness of the textbooks‟ content.
ISBN: 978-602-6804-08-2
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