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Title: Sekolah Berbasis Pesantren Sebagai Salah Satu Model Pendidikan Islam Dalam Konsepsi Perubahan Sosial
Authors: Nurochim
Keywords: pendidikan, sekolah, pesantren, sekolah berbasis pesantren, perubahan sosial.
Issue Date: 1-May-2016
Publisher: Al-Tahrir Jurnal Pemikiran Islam STAIN Ponorogo
Abstract: The social change in Islam is used as the concept to realize the safety of the human being in the world and the after life. One form of the processes of social changes is education which aims at improving the quality of human to have high competitiveness. Education in Indonesia has two models: pesantren (boarding school) model and formal school model. Boarding School model aims at developing human capabilities on the religious aspect and its curriculum is proven to be 100% on religions. Formal School model emphasizes on academic achievement with its curriculum 93% of general knowledge. Pesantren-Based School (PBS) is one of models of Islamic education that integrates two social systems, the excellence of the pesantren (boarding school) social system and school social system. Model of Islamic education is to create religious human beings, as well as clerical scientists, so that they can participate fully in the social community system. Pesantrenbased School in the conception of this social change integrates pesantren and school education system into a wholly unified one. This social change is a change due to willingness of parents and the ideas of experts to establish educational institutions that embody graduates of scientists and religionists. This article is a descriptive study using a qualitative approach to investigate a social change by searching for information from the documents or the results of research related topesantren-based school.
ISSN: 1412-7512
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