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Title: A MetaPhorical Translation In The Cuckoo’s Calling Novel By Robert Galbraith
Authors: Ratu Shodfatul Munifah
Advisors: Frans Sayogie
Keywords: Metaphorical translation;Robert Galbraith
Issue Date: 26-Jul-2016
Abstract: In this research, the writer discusses about metaphorical translation of novel. The datum is found from the novel which has two languages; English as source language with the title The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith and in Bahasa Indonesia as the target language with the title Dekuk Burung Kukuk by Siska Yuanita. This research is aimed to know about the translation of metaphor in novel from source language into target language then be a good translation. The researcher uses qualitative descriptive method for this research. She uses metaphor theory from Peter Newmark and George Lakoff. She tries to describe this research from answer the research question. She also reads the data one by one, analyses the novel part by part, makes a note in every metaphor phrase in order to make easy to analyze. The result of this research shows that in metaphor of this thesis, the researcher found six types of metaphor; dead metaphor, cliché metaphor, stock or standard metaphor, adapted metaphor, recent metaphor and original metaphor.
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