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dc.contributor.authorMuhbib Abdul Wahab-
dc.description.abstractThe book of contemporary Arabic by Eckehard Schulz, the Germany scholar, considered as a new book in teaching Arabic language to non-native speakers. It has been conducting several discussions, seminars and scientific research trial revolved around the application of this book. The new number was issued and the revised book a supplement pill, which makes readers enjoying its content. However, this book is its focus on grammar analysis and structure more than others. This study deals with the content analysis of the book and the speech in light of the book evaluation criteria. The researcher believes that the substance of the book is more than the writing language to speak the language of Modern Standard Arabic. This book is a scientific and commendable efforts in socialization of Arabic language among the secular Western society. The credit is attributable to contribute to the issuance of this book and its publication in the Western academic communities –becaude this book have been translated into several languages including to English and Indonesian versions, meanwhile the book does not mention much to Islamic topics and cultures.en_US
dc.subjectconstruction of Arabic textbook, Arabic for non-native speakers, content analysis, learning Arabicen_US
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