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Title: An Analysis of translation procedures in the novel adventure of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
Authors: Novia Asriyani
Advisors: Frans Sayogie
Keywords: Prosedur Penerjemahan
Issue Date: 5-Oct-2012
Publisher: UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta : Fakultas Adab Dan Humaniora, 2010
Series/Report no.: 0110-03-4930;2161 BSI a
Abstract: The thesis is aimed of finding out how the translation procedures are used in the novel, how they are applied in the translation, whether using transposition, modulation, adaptation or any kind of translation procedures, or whether the structure of each sentence in the novel is appropriate to the procedures of translation or not. The writer analyzes the data using qualitative method. Firstly, the writer reads the original novel and compares to its translation to find the data. Then she looks up what the translation procedures are used in the data to analyze how the translator applied the procedures. After that, she categorizes the data based on each kind of translation procedure they are. Finally, if there is any incorrect or mislead meaning in the translation, the writer looks up a reliable dictionary to finds out whether the meaning is suitable or not The writer concludes that the process of reforming source language to target language using transposition procedure is first, the translator analyses the SL words, in this case, those are verb, adjective and object. Secondly, he determines which TL words that are equivalent with SL and he restructures the verb into the form of passive verb in SL and put them forward. In this verb transposition, the translator mostly changes the active verb into passive verb diand put them forward. The translator replaces the position of subject forward in regular sentences of TL with the position of other units of sentences such as verb, object and adjective without changing the essential meaning. It is causing transposition. The writer also finds data of modulation. The translator analyses what SL words or phrase refers to. Secondly, he changes the phrase or the words become word or phrase that would be acceptable in TL’s based on point of view of SL. In adaptation procedure, the translator much determines exclamation procedures in SL to be translated into exclamation expression in TL. It is adapted based on idiom that is equivalent with idiom which is usually used in TL.
Description: vii, 43 hal.; 28 cm.
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