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dc.contributor.authorDede Sukandar-
dc.contributor.authorNani Radiastuti-
dc.contributor.authorAnna Muawanah-
dc.contributor.authorAdeng Hudaya-
dc.description.abstractA research on antioxidant activity of kecombrang flower ( Etlingera Elatior) water extract leading to jelly candy formulation was conducted. This experiment aims to elucidate the potential usage of kecombrang flower as a functional food ingredient. Antioxidant activity of the kecombrang flower water extract was determined using Diphenyl Picryl Hidrazyl ( DPPH) method. In order to elucidate the responsible compound for antioxidant activity, GCMS analysis was undertaken. Water extract of kecombrang flower have antioxidant activity ( IC50=61,6497 ppm) and based on GCMS analysis it contained 1-dodekanol ( tR=11,60, area=11,73, similarity at 95 %), 3-metil-1-oxo-2-buten 1-(21,41, 51-trihidroxyl phenil) ( tR=13,02, area=3,17, similarity at 57 %) and 1-tetradecene ( tR= 13,26, area=6,03, similarity at 98 %). Formulation of jelly candy using kecombrang flower was designed and based on organoleptic test, C formula ( pink, sample code 763) was the optimum jelly pepermint formula with average score of 3,52.en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesVol. 2, No. 2, 2010;393-398 hal.-
dc.subjectkecombrang ( Etlingera elatior)en_US
dc.subjectfunctional fooden_US
dc.subjectantioxidant and jelly candyen_US
dc.titleAntioxidant Activity From Water Extract Of Kecombrang Flower (Etlingera elatior) Leading To Jelly Candy Formulationen_US
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