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Title: Rancang bangun sistem pendukung keputusan promosi karyawan menggunakan metode fuzzy ahp dan topsis studi kasus: PT. istidata indopacific solution centre
Authors: Hendra Bayu Suseno
Andrew Fiade
Ahmad Rizki Faizal
Keywords: Method Fuzzy AHP;TOPSIS;Promotion of employees
Issue Date: 8-Jun-2016
Series/Report no.: Vol. 8, No. 1, 2015;13-24 hal.
Abstract: Promotion of employees provide an important role for employees. With the promotion of employees are based on the principles of fairness and objectivity will make the employees are motivated to work harder, passionate, disciplined, and improve job performance so as to achieve company goals optimally. PT. Istidata IndoPacific Solution Centre (I2S), the selection of the most viable employee promoted was done directly. In other words, the selection of employees is still done in the absence of specific procedures in selecting employees and without the weight of employee assessment criteria. Fairness, objectivity and accuracy of selection of employees in this way of course doubtful. Other problems that arise are the employee eligibility determination process is still time consuming and difficult to choose the best employees if the results are not much different assessment. Therefore, this study aims to build a decision support system to help the promotion of employees I2S decision makers in making decisions to determine the most appropriate employee promoted. The promotion of employees included in the multi-criteria problems. Therefore, Fuzzy AHP and TOPSIS methods used as a tool to determine eligibility of employees. Fuzzy AHP is used to perform the weighting of the criteria used to sort while the TOPSIS ranking employees. System development method used in this research that while the incremental method of data collection methods, namely observation, interviews, library research and literature studies. Web-based system developed using HTML programming language, PHP, Javascript and MySQL as database server. The results showed that the system is able to help the decision makers in the I2S in determining appropriate employee promoted faster, more accurate, fair, objective, and able to cope with the selection of employees permasalahaan if the assessment result is not much different.
ISSN: 19790767
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