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dc.contributor.authorNengsih Juanengsih-
dc.description.abstractThis research aims to ( 1) determine Biology Core Competences from 2013 Curriculum for 10th level of Senior High School, (2) knowing Biological Scientific Inqury profile, (3)determine implementation Scientific Inquiry in Biology teaching and learning. It used mixed methods research with sequential exploratory design. The populations in this study were all biology teachers at SMAN in South Jakarta and Tangerang which implement 2013 curriculum in the academic year 2013/2014 . The samples were 3 people Biology teacher of SMAN 1 , SMAN 6 and SMAN 9 in South Tangerang , and 3 Biology teacher from SMAN 26 , SMAN 43 and SMAN 86 in South Jakarta . For the implementation of the curriculum in 2013 on fungus the concept involved 40 students of SMAN 1 Tangerang Selatan. Instruments used in qualitative research include : (a) an interview guide for teachers who implement Curriculum 2013 (b) a check list to see the distribution of scientific inquiry that appears in the basic competence on Curriculum 2013. Quantitative research instruments include , ( a) performance assessment for scientific work, (b) Likert scale to measure students' scientific attitude . Descriptive qualitative data processed while quantitative data obtained were processed using descriptive statistics. The rresults showed (1) Biology curriculum 2013 has four core competencies ; spiritual core competencies ( K1), attitude core competence ( K2 ), cognitive core competence (K3), and psychomotor core competencies ( K4). Each of these core competencies outlined in the relevant basic competencies. (2) analysis profile of scientific inquiry were not included hypotheses , planning experiments , using the tool on the concept of Animal , Plantae , protists , viruses and biodiversity, the dominant scientific inquiry i.e observation, classification, interpretation, questions, predictions, apply concepts, communication. 2013 curriculum emphasizes on all aspects of cognitive , affective, and psychomotor which is already recommended in the KTSP. Scientific approach in accordance with the nature of science and scientific inquiry . Questionnaire results showed a positive student response (76.46 % ) on the application of the scientific inquiry on the concept of Fungus.en_US
dc.subjectScientific Inquiry,en_US
dc.subjectBiology, 2013 curriculum, scientific attitude, performance asessmenten_US
dc.titleScientific Inquiry Analysis of 2013 Curriculum and Implementation Biological Learning in South Tangerang & Jakarta High Schoolen_US
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