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Title: Improving Students' Ability in Using Conditional Sentence Type 2 Through Contextual Teaching and Learning
Keywords: Improving Students' Ability in using Conditional Sentence Type 2 Through Contextual Teaching and Learning
Issue Date: 22-Feb-2016
Abstract: This research is aimed to know whether Contextual Teaching and Learning can improve students’ ability in learning Conditional Sentence Type 2 at second grade of Social Class of MAN Tarumajaya Bekasi. The method of this research is Classroom Action Research (CAR). The writer uses Kurt Lewin’s model. It is done in two cycles, and each cycle has four phases: Planning, Acting, Observing and Reflecting. Meanwhile, the data gained from the interview, questionnaire, observation, and test (pretest and posttest). Based on the results of the study, it can be said that the use of contextual teaching and learning in teaching conditional sentence type 2 has been successful since the criteria of success is achieved, that is 75 % of students who passed the Minimum Mastery Criterion (KKM). KKM of the school is seventy (70). Contextual Teaching Learning has improved their achievement than before. Those are proved by the result of interview, questionnaire, and the result of the tests. The result of posttest 2 there are 22 from 26 students or 84.62% of them whose score has passed the KKM. It improves 40.47% from pretest which only gains 23.08% or there are only 6 from 26 students who have passed the KKM and also improve 22.37% from posttest 1 which gains 61.54% or there are about 16 from 26 students who have passed the KKM. It means there is significant improvement of the students’ abiliy in using conditional sentence type 2 in this research. In addition, the progress of the students can be seen by the results of post interview, observation, and questionnaire. Finally, it can be concluded that Contextual Teaching Learning can improve the students’ ability in using conditional sentence type 2 at the second grade of social class of MAN Tarumajaya Bekasi.
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