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Title: Applying Think-aloud Technique in Improving Students' Reading Comprehension of Narrative Text (Quasi Experimental Study of Tenth Grade Students of SMK Bhakti 17 Jagakarsa)
Authors: Imam Khasbani
Advisors: Farida Hamid
Teguh Khaerudin
Keywords: Think-aloud Technique;Reading Comprehension of Narrative Text
Issue Date: 17-Feb-2016
Abstract: ABSTRACT Imam Khasbani. 2015, ApplyingTthink-Aloud Technique in Improving Students’ Reading Comprehension of Narrative Text (Quasi Experimental Study of Tenth Grade Students of SMK Bhakti 17 Jagakarsa) Department of English Education, the Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teachers’ Training, State Islamic University Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta. Advisors: Dr. Farida Hamid, M.Pd, and Teguh Khaerudin M.App.Ling. Keywords: Think-Aloud, Narrative Text, Students’ Reading Comprehension The objective of this study is to check the influence of Think-Aloud technique towards students’ Reading comprehension. The research is also aimed at analyzing if there are significance differences to the students after being taught by using Think- Aloud and also to know whether Think-Aloud is able to enhance students’ awareness on their Reading strategy. Afterwards, the obtained data from pre test and post-test on the experimental and the control class were analyzed by using a statistical program namely SPSS 20. The analysis shows that Think-Aloud method has improved the ability of students’ reading. The Pretest of the experiment and the control are 52.54 and 47.37 respectively, and the pretest scores are 62.68 (the experimental class), and 54.60 (the control class). Then, The Independent t-test shows that the significant score is 0.02 which is lower than the value of α (0.05). It indicates that Think Aloud has significantly influenced reading comprehension skill on students’ in the experiment class. The MARSI questionnaire result shows that the mean score achieved by the experimental class is 2.483 (low level of awareness), and after the treatment, the mean score achieved is 2.750 (medium level). It indicates that there is an improvement on students’ awareness in their reading strategies.
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