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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Advisor(s)
Mar-2018Think Globally, Act Locally: The Strategy of Incorporating Local Wisdom in Foreign Language Teaching in IndonesiaAzkia Muharom Albantani; Ahmad Madkur-
Oct-2017Instilling Islamic Values in Foreign Language Teaching: An Indonesian ContextAzkia Muharom Albantani; Ahmad Madkur-
Dec-2017Musyahadat Al Fidyu: Youtube-Based Teaching and Learning of Arabic as Foreign Language (AFL)Azkia Muharom Albantani; Ahmad Madkur-
Dec-2017Kajian historis pengembangan pendidikan islam di IndonesiaAzkia Muharom Albantani-
Dec-2018Pembelajaran bahasa arab di Madrasah Ibtidaiyah: sebuah ide terobosanAzkia Muharom Albantani-
Jun-2018Desain perkuliahan bahasa arab melalui google classroomAzkia Muharom Albantani; Abd. Rozak-
Nov-2018Mengurai benang kusut takfiriAzkia Muharom Albantani-
Nov-2018Jihad berjumpa bidadariAzkia Muharom Albantani-