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Title: Native American's Representation Through Tonto Character In The Lone Ranger 2013 Film
Authors: Mohammad Fikri
Advisors: Elve Oktafiyani
Keywords: Representation, Native American;The Lone Ranger, Ideology.
Issue Date: 12-Jan-2016
Abstract: The unit analysis of this research is The Lone Ranger (2013) film directed by Gore Verbinski. The research is concern to Native American‟s representation that shown by Tonto character as the main character in film. The writer uses qualitative descriptive analysis as the method to analyze the characteristics of Native American that related to Tonto as the main character. All data are collected from the script dialogues and the pictures of the film. The purpose of this research is to know and understand the character construction from the representation concept by Stuart Hall. The research emphasizes on the representation of Native American in the film and also focuses on the analysis of the main character that represents Native American. The object of the study is to determine the relationship between the character and Native American values in The Lone Ranger (2013) film, especially towards research to know how the character of Tonto represents Native American in the film. The Lone Ranger (2013) film is one of several Hollywood films that represent Native American in the film. As the result, the writer found that not all the Native American‟s characteristics displayed in this film. It means this film tries to show Native American through the main character differently from the previous Native Americans films. The writer gives explanation and analysis how Native American represented differently through the main character of the film. Finally, the writer found the different Native American‟s representation that appeared in The Lone Ranger (2013) film.
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