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Title: Analisis Profil Protein dan Asam Amino Ekstrak Sarang Burung Walet (Collocalia fuciphaga) Asal Painan
Authors: Lina Elfita
Keywords: Sarang burung walet, protein, asam amino
Issue Date: 22-Sep-2015
Abstract: Study on protein profile of bird nest is still limited particularly protein profile of bird nest from Indonesia has not been reported. Therefore, this study was aimed to analyze protein profile and amino acid composition of bird nest from Painan, Pesisir Selatan Distric, West Sumatra. Protein analysis was performed by Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate Polyacrilade Gel Electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE), and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) was used for amino acid analysis. SDS-PAGE analysis showed six bands, which molecular weigh of 147.2 kDa, 142.6 kDa, 133.4 kDa, 73.3 kDa, 66.2 kDa and 37.7 kDa, respectively. On the other hand, HPLC analysis demonstrated that bird nest was composed of 16 amino acids. Seven of them were essential amino acids; histidine (2.31%), leucine (3.84%), threonine (3.82%), valine (3.93%), methionine (0.48%), isoleucine (1.80%), phenylalanine (4.49%), and nine of them were non-essential amino acids; serine (4.56%), aspartic acid (4.48%), arginine (3.93%), lysine (2.34%), proline (3.64%), glutamic acid (3.65%), glycine (1.87%), alanine (1.31%), tyrosine (3.92%). Serine was the highest percentage of amino acid in the bird nest (4.56%), followed by phenylalanine (4.49%) and aspartic acid (4.48%). Composition of amino acid in this bird nest was slightly different with composition of amino acid in bird nest from other area.
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