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Title: A cluster based energy efficient location routing protocol in wireless sensor networks
Authors: Nurhayati
Sung Hee Choi
Kyung Oh Lee
Keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks, Clustering, Routing Protocol, BCDCP, GPRS, CELRP
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: WSEAS
Citation: Google scholar
Abstract: One of the key issue that needs to be addressed in the wireless sensor network field is how to create a most efficient energy system. This is a crucial element because the wireless sensor network is a network made up of small batteries powered devices with a limited amount of energy resources within it. The purpose of the routing protocol is how to utilize energy efficiently and to prolong network lifetime. The conventional clustering method has a unique potential to be an important element for energy conserving sensor network. To address this problem in this paper, we present A Cluster Based Energy Efficient Location Routing Protocol (CELRP) in Wireless Sensor Networks. This routing adopted hierarchical structure method, multi hop and location-based node in the field area of the sensor node. The processes of the routing involves the clustering of nodes and the selection of a Cluster Head (CH) node in each cluster which will be the messenger that sends all the information to the Cluster Head Leader. This Cluster Head Leader will then finally send the aggregated data to the Base Station (BS). To prove the efficiency of energy in CELRP network, we have compared it to the BCDCP and GPRS in the simulation conducted. BCDCP and GPRS are both routing protocols that work well in a small-scale network however not so much in a larger scale network since it uses a lot of energy for long distance wireless communication. The Simulation results have proved energy efficiency in CELRP, its’ ability to reduce energy dissipation and prolong network lifetime that is superior compared to the BCDCP and GPRS.
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