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Title: An Analysis of the Acceptance's Staffs of Madrassa Library on "Senayan"-based Library Automation System Using Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)
Authors: Ade Abdul Hak
Keywords: Senayan;Perpustakaan Madrasah;Technology Acceptance Model (TAM);Otomasi Perpustakaan;SLiMs
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2015
Publisher: University of Idaho Library
Citation: Hak, Ade Abdul, "An Analysis of the Acceptance's Staffs of Madrassa Library on "Senayan"-based Library Automation System Using Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)" (2015). Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal). Paper 1260.
Abstract: The study investigated the implementation of "Senayan" – an open source library automation system- in the madrassa library. It is important to know the effectiveness of the system as one of materials in “The Human Resource Development Program for Madrassa Library. The program was held by Ministry of Religious Affair Republic of Indonesia (MORA) collaborates with UIN Jakarta, UIN Yogyakarta, and UIN Makasar. It was involved 750 staffs from three provinces in Indonesia. The approach used in this research was TAM model that was based on the constructs of knowledge & skill (KS), perceived ease of use (PEOU), perceived usefulness (PU), attitude toward behavior (ATU), behavioral intention (BI), and actual use (AU). Questionnaires of 89 samples collected with the cluster approach were analysed using SPSS version 22. The result showed that the mean score for all of the constructs was 3 (high) out of maximum score obtainable of 4 (very high), except to the actual use (AU) was still low (2.3). T-Test analysis indicated that there was positive and significant effect for each construct, except the perceived usefulness (PU) to the attitude toward behavior (ATU) with effect value of 11.9%. Meanwhile, the most occurred in the perceived ease of use (PEOU) to the attitude toward behavior (ATU) with effect value of 64.3%. Thus, the easiness becomes more important than usefulness in providing training for madrassa library staff. In addition, the provision of a computer after the training is also taken into consideration, so that the staffs can implement their knowledge and skills in the library as soon as possible.
Description: Penggunaan teknologi informasi (TI) di perpustakaan pada era sekarang ini bukanlah merupakan suatu hal yang baru lagi. Namun, akan lain halnya ketika kita berbicara masalah penerapan TI di lingkungan perpustakaan madrasah yang notabene secara kuantitatif dan kualitas masih sangat rendah. Padahal tuntutan terhadap akses sumber informasi dalam proses pembelajaran sebagai salah satu unsur keberhasilan dalam meningkatkan mutu pendidikan sangat penting. Untuk itulah pada tahun 2013 Direktorat Pendidikan Madrasah Kemenag RI bekerjasama dengan Jurusan Ilmu Perpustakaan UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, UIN Sunan Kali Jaga Yogyakarta, dan UIN Makasar telah menyelenggarakan “Pelatihan Peningkatan Kompetensi Tenaga Perpustakaan Madrasah” yang salah satu materinya adalah otomasi perpustakaan dengan menggunakan program “Senayan”.
ISSN: 1522-0222
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