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dc.contributor.authorArskal Salim-
dc.description.abstractThe editor notes in her conclusion that there is much more to be known about religious conversion, in all directions. Whether to lubricate understanding across religious lines, or better to probe the phenomenon of conversion, a number of public organizations exist in Singapore for "interfaith" purposes, all part of official policy, and presumably, of social control. What is well known is that evangelical forms of Protestant Christianity are increasing most rapidly, particularly amongmodern, English-educated middle-class Chinese. A second trope of conversion is to the "reformed" varieties of Buddhism, among all races, although for some Chinese, Buddhism represents a more progressive version of their traditional, clan-based shenism. It is impossible to provide details of each chapter or author in this space, beyond the generalities described, but some of the material encourages the reader to explore furtheren_US
dc.subjectthe islamizationen_US
dc.subjectlaw in modern indonesiaen_US
dc.titlechallenging the secular state: the islamization of law in modern indonesiaen_US
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