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Title: Perkembangan awal hukum islam di nusantara
Authors: Arskal Salim
Keywords: Hukum Islam, nusantara,;akulturasi
Issue Date: 7-Aug-2015
Abstract: The initial development of lslamic law in the archipelago has been relatively an understudied subject. Among those scanty studies, some non-Indonesian scholars have asserted the strong influence of pre-Islamic local culture towards the institutionalisation of lslamic law in the archipelago. Examining this conventional view, this article argues that although pre-Islamic local culture played a role, its influence remained non-independent. This was so given that it was being islamised during the acculturation process at particular time and place of the early Indonesian lslam. This article will discuss not only the preliminary penetration of lslamic law to the archipelago, but also will look at the formation of lslamic judicial institutions in the Muslim sultanates in the archipelago. Lastly, this article will point out that the absence of lslamic law in a number of statutes of the local sultanates in the earlier period would not be significant evidence to substantiate the argument of the lack implementation of shari'a during the first centuries of the coming of lslam to the archipelago.
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