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Authors: Fahriany, Fahriany
Musfah, Jejen
Albantani, Azkia Muharom
Advisors: Nurlena, Nurlena
Keywords: social profile intellectual;mobility alumni;contributions of alumni
Issue Date: 19-Jun-2015
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to describe the social profile picture intellectuals (including achievements); reveals the level of absorption and socio-professional contribution; explain social mobility FITK intellectual alumni of the Master Program in continuing to pursue doctoral studies, analyzing network formation (networking) and empowerment Master Program that can’t be done optimally; and to explain and formulate expectations and ideas of the alumni of the Master Program FITK progress in the future. The population of this study is a three-year Masters Program alumnus of last academic year (2010-2012) with a sample of 100% of the population of 25 people. Retrieval techniques sample using random sampling with snowballing technique, in the sense of: selecting a random respondents from each batch and then rolled on classmates who knew, and of course that is easily accessible in the questionnaire. In addition, data collection was also taken from the documentation alumni of the Master Program, the study of texts (literature) and also through observation of gain alumni community. The results of this study indicate that the alumni of the Master Program shows the social and intellectual mobility is high enough, there is a proven alumni continue studies to S3 (Doctoral Program). The results also showed some formulations of the expectations expressed by the alumni of the Master's Program Master Program FITK progress in the future include the need for special attention to the curriculum are closely associated with the world of work and the needs of society, improved management of all aspects of the Master Program, an increase in Human Resource , complete infrastructure, expand the network of cooperation and enrich prospective graduate Masters Program with a variety of soft skills needed to support them in the world of work later.
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