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Title: The Effectiveness of Pictures in Text in Improving Students’ Reading Comprehension (A Quasi-experimental Study at the Eight Grade Students of MTsN 13 Jakarta).
Authors: Rahmawati, Dian
Advisors: Dr. Fahriany, M.Pd
Nugraha, Dadan M.Pd
Keywords: Pictures;Reading;Reading Comprehension
Issue Date: 19-Mar-2015
Publisher: FITK UIN Jakarta
Abstract: The objective of this study was to find out the effect of pictures in text in improving students’ reading comprehension at the eight grade students of MTsN 13 Jakarta. The samples of this research were the eight grade students of MTsN 13 Jakarta. They were class VIII-A as the experimental class and class VIII-D as the controlled class. Each class consisted of 34 students. The method used in this research was a quantitative method. The design used was a quasi-experimental study and the instrument of this research was test. For sampling technique, the researcher used purposive sampling. In addition, to attain the validity and reliability of the instrument, the researcher used ANATES. Further, the calculation of this research was conducted though SPSS 20. The result of the study was that mean post-test of experimental class was 71.03, while mean post-test of controlled class was 64.70. It meant that there was significance differences between both classes mean post-test score. The test of hypothesis showed that sig. 2 tailed (p) was 0.006 while alpha (α) was 0.05. In other words, p < α. It meant that the H0 (Null Hypothesis) was rejected and Ha (Alternative Hypothesis) was accepted. It proved that having pictures in text was effective. In other words, there was a positive effect of having pictures in text towards students’ reading comprehension. In addition, Cohen formulation which was calculated in order to know the effect size of pictures result was 0.69. It meant that the effect was moderate.
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