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Title: Kontribusi Budaya Beragama dalam Pendidikan Agama Islam (PAI) di SMK Triguna Utama
Authors: Rahmahwati, Isma
Advisors: Iska, Zikri Neni
Keywords: Budaya Beragama;Pendidikan Agama Islam
Issue Date: 26-May-2015
Abstract: Isma Rahmahwati, NIM 1110011000122, Contribution of Religious Culture on Islamic Religious Education Lessons in SMK Triguna Utama. Skripsi of Islamic Religious Education at Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teachers Training of State Islamic University Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, 2014. Islamic Religious Education in school is not always successful in educating students in an effort to establish good morals, in fact there are many students who lack good moral. The background of this research is less internalized religious cultures in schools which resulted in adolescent moral deterioration. Learning Islamic Religious Education is not limited to theory in the classroom but includes practice outside. Learning Islamic Religious Education in the classroom is not enough to make students good morals. Therefore, the need for contribution of religious culture to achieve the goal Islamic Religious Education. The religious culture in school aims to make a student be a good morals. This study is a qualitative study aimed to describe the implementation of Learning Islamic Religious Education on the application of religious culture in Triguna Utama. Data collection techniques in this study with the technique of observation, interviews, and documentation. For the validity of the data the researchers used a technique of triangulation. And for data analysis researchers used desciption analysis with the step data reduction, display the data, and making conclusions. The results of this study indicate that Islamic Religious Education needs contribution of religious culture for the means of the aplication of student learning in the class. As for the religious culture in Triguna Utama consist of: reading sholawat and prayer before and after learning, smiles, greetings, greetings, and the zuhur prayer in congregation, marawis, muhadharah, recitations of the Qur'an, read a surah Yasin on Friday morning before the start of learning, tadarus before the start of Friday prayers, keputrian, and donation every Friday, monthly lectures in mosques, implementation PHBI (Celebration of the Great Islamic) like, Isras' Mi'raj, Birth of the Prophet , alms for qurban animals and pesantren kilat during Ramadan
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