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Title: IPv6 Multi Generated Address for Enterprise Wireless Local Area Network
Authors: Nashrul Hakiem
Akhmad Unggul Priantoro
Mohammad Umar Siddiqi
Talib Hashim Hasan
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Abstract: Wireless local area network (WLAN) has become a norm in campuses as well as established enterprises to compliment or completely replace the wired networks. While this believed to be positively contributing to staff productivity, at the same time it also poses new challenges in network management, especially the security aspect such as internal threats due to abuse or exploit. Meanwhile, migration to IPv6 has steadily increasing amidst the accelerating rate of IPv4 address depletion, which is expected to be exhausted in the near future. This paper proposes a new mechanism to generate IPv6 addresses, specifically the 64 bit LSB which correspond to the interface ID, in enterprise wireless network that facilitates dynamic address assignment via DHCP and yet can be associated with any individual user exclusively for management purpose.
ISSN: 18233287
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