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Title: Pengaruh pengelolaan kelas terhadap pembelajaran efektif pada mata pelajaran IPS di SMP Al-Mubarak Pondok Aren Tangerang Selatan
Authors: Diana Widyarani
Advisors: Abd Rozak
Keywords: pengelolaan kelas;pembelajaran efektif;ips
Publisher: UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta: Fakultas Ilmu Tarbiyah Dan Keguruan, 2011
Series/Report no.: 0111-06-9057;6163 IPS t
Abstract: Diana Widyarani. Nim 106015000455. Social Studies Education and Teacher traning Tarbiyah Science Faculty. The Influence of classroom management to effective learning in social science subjects at junior Al-Mubarak Pondok Aren Tangerang South. This research is indicated to figure out the influence of classroom management ti the effectivess of learning in social studies subjects. The research was conducted in Al-Mubarak SMP Pondok Aren Tangerang South in January 2011. Used as a sample in this study were junior high school students of Al-Mubarak South Tanggerang Class VII with numbered 32 students. While the results of data about classroom management skills acquired on the basis of a questionnaire filled by the students of Al-Mubarak SMP Pondok Aren Tangerang South. The method used in this research is survey method with quantitative techniques. Data classroom management and effective learning is obtained through a questionnaire consisting of 50 items. The research result shows rxy product moment of 0.739%, then Ho is accepted. It can be concluded that there was a significant relationship or influence between class management with the effective learning in social studies subjects. The coefficient of determination by 54.6% indicating that contribute to classroom management and effective learning in social studies subjects by 54.6%. While 59.94 effective learning in social studies subjects can be influenced by other factors such as intellectual abilities, interests and talents of students. Keywords: Classroom Management, Effective Learning, Social Science.
Description: x, 72 hal.; 28 cm.
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