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Title: Bacterial Diversity in Subbituminous Coal and Soil from Coal Mine of South Sumatra, Indonesia
Authors: Pikoli, Megga Ratnasari
Aditiawati, Pingkan
Astuti, Dea Indriani
Keywords: biodiversity;coal;soil;PCR-DGGE;16S rRNA gene
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: International Journal of Integrative Biology
Citation: Pikoli, M. R., Aditiawati, P., Astuti, D. I., dan Akhmaloka (2013). Bacterial Diversity in Subbituminous Coal and Soil from Coal Mine of South Sumatra, Indonesia, International Journal of Integrative Biology, 14(2), 96-103.
Series/Report no.: 14;2
Abstract: Coal and soil around coal seam environment provide potentially factors supporting bacterial life. Study of environmental metagenomic to determine relationship among the bacteria that make up the community in coal and soil layers was reported. DNA extractions were performed in three ways, namely direct extraction, filtration alone, and filtration with blending. The DNA of coal and soil samples were subject to PCR-amplification to get V5-V6 16S rRNA gene fragments, then separated by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE) method. Results showed that the indirect methods had the advantage to detect more bands compared to the direct method. Among the samples tested, a significantly higher number of bacterial ribotypes (Shannon diversity index), but low evenness of the bacterial community were in the coal samples. Cluster analysis of DGGE bands showed that the coal mixed soil clustered separately from its mother, the coal seam and the soil samples. Phylogenetic trees of their sequences showed that the coal boomed more Firmicutes and Actinobacteria than the soil samples. It confirmed that the physico-chemical properties of soil strongly influenced evolutionary distance of bacteria coal and soil despite they are separated a little physical distance. The uniqueness of this research is that disturbed coal which represented by coal mixed soil was not artificially reconstructed as in a microcosm, but it is in a natural situation in which the virgin coal seam was compared to the adjacent virgin soil layers and soil mixed coal as the disturbed soil.
ISSN: 0973-8363
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