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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Advisor(s)
2019Pengelolaan dan pengawasan dana desa Babakan Dayeuh, Cileungsi, BogorLatipah Nasution; Ahmad Tholabi Kharlie; Irfan Khairul Umam-
Feb-2020Perubahan sistem ketatanegaraan pasca amandemen dan implikasinya pada konvensi ketatanegaraan tentang laporan kinerja lembaga-lembaga negaraAhmad Tholabi Kharlie-
Mar-2020Arah baru pemikiran islam di Indonesia: Bidang teologi, hukum, & pendidikanM. Ridwan Lubis; Ahmad Tholabi Kharlie-
Jan-2020Status anak luar nikah di IndonesiaAhmad Tholabi Kharlie; Muhammad Nurul Irfan; Asep Syarifuddin Hidayat-
2020E-Court and e-litigation: The New face of civil court practices in IndonesiaAhmad Tholabi Kharlie; Achmad Cholil-
2020The portrait of policy on religious harmony after the post reformation in IndonesiaAhmad Tholabi Kharlie; M. Ridwan Kubis-
2020The Application of the strict liability principle in the indemnity laws for livelihoods in Indonesia: Analysis of the supreme court’s decision Number 1794K/PDT/G/2004Ahmad Tholabi Kharlie-
2019Sunni and shiite political thought of islam-state relationship: A Comparison between Abdurrahman Wahid of Indonesia and Ayatollah Khomeini of IranAhmad Ali Nurdin; Ahmad Tholabi Kharlie-
2019The Role of the law on electronic information and transactions in overcoming challenges of democracy in IndonesiaAhmad Tholabi Kharlie; Fathudin; Muhammad Ishar Helmi-
2020Sentencing alternatives as a solution for prison overcrowding in IndonesiaAhmad Tholabi Kharlie; Mara Sutan Rambe; Erwin Hikmatiar-