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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Advisor(s)
2018The Constitutional policy: State recognition of the believers in IndonesiaAhmad Tholabi Kharlie; Fathudin-
Jun-2017Existence of clemency as president prerogative right (Comparison study of Indonesia with countries of the world)Fathudin; Ahmad Tholabi Kharlie-
2020Kodifikasi hukum keluarga islam kontemporer: Pembaruan, pendekatan, dan elastisitas penerapan hukumAhmad Tholabi Kharlie; Asep Syarifuddin Hidayat; Muhammad Hafizh-
2020Fighting against violent extremist ideology at Indonesian Universities : strategies and effectivenessFadhilah Suralaga; Zulkifli; M. Zaki Mubarak; Ahmad Tholabi Kharlie; Imam Subchi-