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Title: Teaching Vocabulary Of Adjectives By Using Cooperative Learning Method To Junior High School (An Experimental Research At The Second Grade Of Mts. Al-Ishlah Cikarang,Bekasi)
Authors: Uu, Dhia Uddin
Advisors: M., Farkhan
Keywords: Cooperative Learning Method;Vocabulary of Adjectives
Issue Date: 13-Mar-2014
Publisher: FITK UIN Jakarta
Abstract: According to Carolyn Kessler cooperative learning is group learning activity organized so that learning is dependent on the socially structured exchange of information between learners in groups and in which each learner in groups and in which learner is held accountable for his or her own learning and is motivated to increase the learning of others. Cooperative learning as alternative way in teaching vocabulary of adjectives and in addition to that cooperative learning is one of the learning strategies in contextual teaching and learning approach that students actively involved in teaching and learning process and students exchange information between learners through group discussion. The process of cooperation enables students to overcome the difficulties in learning and understanding of vocabulary adjectives, so they will be motivated to learn and develop many other skills, such as positive interdependence and their interpersonal skills. The purpose of the research is to know the weather teaching vocabulary of adjectives by using cooperative learning is an effective technique to increase students’ interest in learning English or not at the eight students of MTs. Al- IshlahCikarang. And the writer hopes it will give a better a way in teaching English especially in teaching vocabulary of adjectives. The writer did his research at MTs Al-IshlahCikarang which is located in JL. GatotSubroto no 39 KecamatanCikarang Utara Kab.Bekasi and he conducted this research from 01st up to 30thof November 2012. The population of this research is all the second year students of MTs. Al- Ishlah. The second year of this school consists of two classes and the sample of this research is 40 students, which is divided into 2 classes, 8.A. class as the experiment class and 8.2 as the control class.
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