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Title: The Correlation Between Students’ Mastery In Vocabulary And Their Reading Comprehension Skill Of Descriptive Text
Authors: Siti, Fatimah
Advisors: Nida, Husna
Keywords: Correlational Study, Vocabulary,;Reading Comprehension of Descriptive Text
Issue Date: 15-Apr-2014
Publisher: FITK UIN Jakarta
Abstract: The objective of this study was to see whether there is correlation between students’ mastery in vocabulary and their reading comprehension of descriptive text. It was done in MTs Syamsul ‘Ulum Sukabumi at November, 27th 2013. The sample of the research was 30 students which were taken by purposive sampling. The kind of this study was quantitative research. Therefore the methodology of this study was correlational method. In collecting data, the writer used test as the instrument. The students were asked to answer the questions of two tests; those were vocabulary and reading comprehension test. Therefore, the data were in the form of students’ scores of both tests. Since the study was correlational method, the data were computed statistically by using Pearson Product Moment. Furthermore, the result of coefficient correlation (ro) was 0.74. Then, the result of ‘ro’ was compared with r table, in which the value of r table was 0.374 of significance 5%. In addition, to know the meaning of correlation between variable X (vocabulary) and variable Y (reading comprehension) was obtained the result of ‘to’ was 5.83 and the value of t table in significance 5 % was 2.048 by degree of freedom (df) 28. Because ‘ro’ was higher than r table, and ‘to’ was also higher than t table; therefore the correlation was positive and strong correlation. These mean the alternative hypothesis was accepted and null hypothesis was rejected. In addition, the result of coefficient determinant which described the contribution of vocabulary to reading comprehension of descriptive text was 54.76%. Since those results were computed, it indicated that vocabulary has great contribution to reading comprehension of descriptive text. Therefore, there was significant correlation between students’ mastery in vocabulary and their reading comprehension of descriptive text.
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