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Title: Konstruksi sosial media massa (analisis produksi program musafir trans)
Authors: RISTYA, Rizky
Advisors: HAMDANI
Issue Date: 5-Oct-2012
Publisher: Fakultas Dakwah Dan Ilmu Komunikasi
Series/Report no.: 0111-05-8730;2651 KPI d
Abstract: A mid the development of the age and the era of globalization today, television is one of the most influential medium for the audience, various kinds of information both educational, entertainment and religious can be conveyed to the audience through television. Religious programming is one of the priority programs in a variety of television stations, but as we all know the religious program in television broadcasts almost all have the same format that makes the audience become bored. Here, the role of creative teams in each television is needed in the production process of religious programs on television. Television programs of interest can not be separated from production design created by the creative team event, an interesting and different designs will surely make the audience who witnessed this event to be happy and more interested to watch this show. Researchers chose Trans 7 Musafir program because the program offers a different concept of, in this program viewers are invited to see firsthand how the Prophet of Islam in the footsteps of course with different styles. Background and setting the location is more value to this program, so that the educational message that was delivered by the host as well as resource persons were well received by viewers. Researchers use mass media social construction theory, this theory describes how a television production concept start of the implementation of elements of communication, which used prologue, disclosure of the facts in each episode, the formation of subjective reality, the symbolic and objective. This study used qualitative methods, namely methods that describe the actual situation and accurate, then poured in writing of the manner outlined, explain, give an idea of the data collected and then drawn a conclusion on the data obtained with the program that researching with research subjects are Trans 7 while the object of research is the production of traveler program. The researchers can find out how the production of Musafir Program began this production design to become a spectacle that intact and can be enjoyed by viewers. In producing this program there are several steps that must be done that is, pre-production, production, post production and production evaluation, where all these stages have an attachment and link up to the event broadcast.
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