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Title: Analisis hubungan antara pelaksanaan audit management dengan efektivitas pelaksanaan anggaran pendapatan : studi kasus pada PDAM kota Bogor
Authors: Mohammad Zainal Abduh
Advisors: Abdul Hamid
Keywords: audit management, revenue’s budget
Publisher: Fakultas Ekonomi Dan Ilmu Sosial UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, 2009
Series/Report no.: 08-019-07-2934;881 AKT e
Abstract: This research is aimed to find out of influence between audit management and the effectiveness of revenue’s budget implementation. This research conducted in Regional Water Supply Enterprise (PDAM) Tirta Pakuan Bogor City, representing one of Corporate Regional Board (BUMD) moving area of drinking water management. Research method used in this research is descriptive research method with case strudy approach. Technique of data collecting through research of bibliography and field research by observation, interview, and questioner. Hypothesis raised in this research is “Implementing of Audit Management has Positive influence with Effectiveness of revenue’s budget implementation. Hypothesis tested by using statistical methods of non paramentric with analysis of correlation or rank spearman. According to statistical result, the value of correlation coefficient is 0,975 and then from result of significance test obtained by value that taccount (6,6170) bigger than ttable (2,353) at level significant 0,05 and degree of freedom three. So that hypothesis of zero (H0) refused and alternative hyphotesis (H1) accepted. The conclusion of this research show that there are positive influence between audit management implementation to effectiveness of revenue’s budget implementation.
Description: xiii, 164 p. ; illus.
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