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Title: Minat berwirausaha siswa SMk Triguna utama Ciputat Tangerang Selatan dilihat dari status pekerjaan oran tua
Authors: Ernaleli Putri
Advisors: Arif Muhammad
Keywords: interest entrepreneur, Minat berwirausaha
Publisher: UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta : Fakultas Tarbiyah Dan Keguruan, 2010
Series/Report no.: 0111-05-8135;6458 IPS t
Abstract: Formal education consist of SMA's dan SMK's both of them are under the national education ministry. it is based on the assumption that the students who have experience in learning proces will be marked by the addition of their knowledge in memory and also the improvement of their knowledge to connect the material with the situation and stimulus that they faced. the alm of this reseach is to know the corelation betwen the parents'job. toward the SMK's students entrepreneurship interest. is there any corelation betwen the parent's job and entrepreneur interest if the parent's job are variatif the subject of the reseach is fourty student and all of the student become sample. The desigh used in this research is descriptive analysis reseach desigh . the first step is doing the colecting and analyzing the data from angket that is gained through make the prosentase of each item question. then the score is corelated by the result of interview. the next step is identifying weather the corelatin betwen parent's job and the interest of SMK student entrepreneurship. The conclusion drawed from this reseach is there is a corelation betwen parent's job toward entrepreneur interest of SMK's students and the highest corelation toward entrepreneurship than other job's. in this reseach the writer identyfyes all of the parent's jobs consist of: entrepreneur, country employee, employee, and farmer.
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