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Title: An analiysis Jeliza Rose's character in tideland viewed from Freud's psychoanalysis theory
Authors: Nina Muchlisina
Advisors: Moh. Supardi
Issue Date: 5-Oct-2012
Publisher: UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta : Fakultas Adab dan Humaniora, 2009
Series/Report no.: 02-019-11-3981;2077 BSI a
Abstract: Jeliza Rose as the main character of Tideland movie which tells about a little girl who undergoes such as trauma because of her junkie parents’ behaviour and directed by Terry Gilliam has many characteristics. Each characteristic has the correlation with her psychological condition, namely: curious, independent, obstinate, aggressive, cheerful, energetic, and good imaginer. The writer believes that all of Jeliza Rose’s attitudes cause her parents’ behaviour as the junkies who never cares about their little daughter. Therefore, as a good imaginer Jeliza Rose created her own fantasy world, the dismembered Barbie doll heads, the animals talked, the world under the sea, and the monster Shark which is in reality the nightly passenger train that travels past the farmhouse where she and her dead father reside
Description: x, 50 p.
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