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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Advisor(s)
5-Oct-2012a Bibliographical study on the devotional theme of Christina Georgina Rosseti's poetryFarah Dian DiniMuhammad Farkhan
5-Oct-2012A Binary opposition in the film music withinSri RahayuInayatul Chusna
5-Oct-2012A Character analysis iron jawed angel moveie viewed from feminisism approachFasikhaElve Oktafiyani
2009A charater analysis on Fan Wu's Novel February Flowers based on Greimas structural theoryastri FarhatinnisaMuhammad Farkhan
May-2007A child's gameJohn Connor; Sujatrini Liza (Penerjemah); Hilmi Akmal (Penyunting)-
5-Dec-2017A Class Shift Translation In English - Indonesian Of “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever” NovelFajarIhsan FathurrohmanSaefudin
28-Nov-2013A coherent framework for understanding critical success factors of ICT project environmentA’ang Subiyakto; Abd. Rahman Ahlan-
11-Jun-2014A Coherent Framework for Understanding Success Factors in ICT Project Environment: A PosterA’ang Subiyakto; Abd. Rahman Ahlan-
1-Mar-2016A Coherent Framework for Understanding the Success of an Information System ProjectSyopiansyah Jaya Putra; A'ang Subiyakto; Abd. Rahman Ahlan; Mira Kartiwi-
17-Apr-2017A Cohesion and Coherence on Students' Exposition Writing (A Discourse Analysis)Ina Nur HasanahSyauki; Desi Nahartini
7-Mar-2018A Coincidental Discovery of a New Stable Variant (Hb Hachioji or HBB: c.187C>T) in a Patient with Chronic Hemolytic Anemia of Unexplained OriginFerania Mella; Yasuhiro Yamashiro; Chris Adhiyanto; Tatehiko Tanaka; Takenori Nitta; Yuki Amao; Masafumi Kimoto-
17-Oct-2018A Comparative analysis of test automation frameworks performance for functional testing in android-based applications using the distance to the ideal alternative methodCalysta Merina; Nenny Anggraini; Nashrul Hakiem-
5-Oct-2012A Comparative study between teaching reading conprenhension by using traditional and direot methods at SMIPN JakartaM Syamsurizal Ali-
5-Oct-2012A Comparative study between transtool translation and human translationR. Deden Galih PriatnaFrans Sayogie
5-Oct-2012a comparative study on the students' achievement in english and german prepositions : a came study of the third year students of laguage class of MAN 2 JakartaAtikah As.Nasrun Mahmud
5-Oct-2012A Comparative study on the writing materials of the 1984 and 1994 curriculaBadriah-
5-Oct-2012A compariative study between using visual aids and authentic reading text in teaching english vocabulary : a case study in the first tear of madrasah tsanawiyah an-nurul kasyaaf tambun selatan bekasiWidadiSunardi K.
5-Oct-2012A Comparison analysis of Amercan and british idiomsNanik FatmawatiFrans Sayogie
5-Oct-2012A Comperative study between british english and American English: an Analiysis on VocabularyIbrahim AjieA.Saefuddin
5-Oct-2012A Comprative study on the writing materials for SMP students between curriculum 1984 and 1994Tuti Rokhmulyati-