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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Advisor(s)
13-Apr-2017A Cultural Content Analysis of EFL Textbooks - Challenge series: 2, 3, and 4 Published by PearsonWoro Endah SitoresmiFahriany; Fuad Fakhruddin
-An analysis on the difficulties faced by the students in learning passive voice in the simple past tense (a case study on the XI grade students of IPA Clase of SMAN I Kebandungan)Lina SuhartiniFahriany
-An Item Analysis on the diffficulty level of an english summative test: a case study at second grade students of SMP YMJ CiputatFifi MagghfirohFahriany
7-Jun-2016An Analysis Of Students’ Error In Using Modals Will And Would Of Conditional SentenceAlaeh IjmaFahriany
19-Mar-2014An Analysis on Students' Errors in Using Personal PronounsFirdausi, Dinnie HijrieFahriany; Sunengsih, Neneng
14-Sep-2015An analysis on students’ errors in using conditional sentences type II: a case study on second grade of natural sciences students of national senior high school 9 Kota Tangerang SelatanFitri RahmawatiFahriany; Ummi Kultsum
15-Mar-2015An Analysis on Students’ Grammatical Error in Using Degrees of Comparison (A Case Study at the Second Grade Students MTs Al- Islamiyah, Kebon Jeruk).HidayatullohFahriany; Neneng Sunengsih
12-Dec-2014AN ANALYSIS ON STUDENTS’ GRAMMATICAL ERRORS IN WRITING DESCRIPTIVE PARAGRAPH (A Case Study at the Second Grade of SMPN 3 Tangerang Selatan)Santi NoviyantiFahriany
29-Aug-2014An Analysis on the Content Validity of Summative Test for the Tenth Year Students at SMA DUA MEIAdha, KhairulFahriany
11-Feb-2016Comparative Analysis between Students' and Teachers' Beliefs on Effective English Language Teaching (A Survey on SMA Negeri 3 Tangerang Selatan)Wulandari, DessiFahriany
5-Oct-2012Contrastive analysis between Indonesian and English declarative sentences : (a case study at the second year of SMA I Barunawati)Anita KusumawatiFahriany
5-Oct-2012Developing students ability in using subject verb agreement through substitution drill : a classroom action research at first grade of smpn 10 kota tangerang selatanWidowati, IstiFahriany
17-Jan-2018Developing English for Vocational Purposes (EVP) speaking materials (a developmental study at the tenth grade of office administration program in SMK PGRI 31 Legok-Tangerang)SupartiFahriany
11-Apr-2016Developing english syllabus and materials for midwifery students: A case study at STIKES Widya Dharma Husada PamulangNur’aeniAtiq Susilo; Fahriany
5-Nov-2015The Effect of Reciprocal Technique towards Students' Reading Comprehension on Report Text (A Quasi-Experimental Study of Eleventh Grade Students of SMAN 3 South TangerangLulu WalidainiFahriany; Teguh Khaeruddin
11-Sep-2015the Effectivenes of total physical response in teaching preposition of placeMonarika Novi AstutiFahriany; ix, 46 hal.; 29 cm.
20-May-2016The Effectiveness Of Blog On Students’ Writing Of Narrative Text (A Pre-Experimental Study At Tenth Year Students Of Sman 3 Tangerang Selatan)Nurita WulandariFahriany
28-May-2013The Effectiveness Of Group Work In Reading Of Narrative Text (An Experimental In The Second Grade Of Ma. Al-Mukhlisin)Yeni, Gustri WahyuniFahriany
16-Apr-2014The Effectiveness of Numbered Heads Together Technique (NHT) Toward Students’ Reading Ability on Descriptive Text A Quasi Experimental Study at the Second Grade of SMPN 2 Tangerang Selatan in Academic Year 2013/2014Yuli Astuti, MerinaFahriany; Anasy, Zaharil
26-May-2015The Effectiveness Of Role Play in Teaching SpeakingAfdillah A.A, M.NoorFahriany