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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Advisor(s)
5-Oct-2012A Grammatical analysis of African American vernaculas english in precious movieJulaehaAbdul Hamid
5-Oct-2012A historical background of the misanthrope drama by molireSuci SundaryAbdul Hamid
5-Oct-2012A politeness strategy analysis on the main characters' dialogues of the movie pirates of the Carribbean : Dead Man's ChestMuhammad Ihsan FauziAbdul Hamid
5-Oct-2012A symbol analysis on Jonh Donne's poems: a lecture upon the shadow and the prohibitionAkbar LintangAbdul Hamid
5-Oct-2012A symbol analysis on punk song Lyrics american idiot (green day) : god save the queen sex pistolsGalih PurwantoAbdul Hamid
5-Oct-2012Accounting Treatment Analysis of Broker Fee On Stock And Warrant Transactions : Case Study at PT. eTrading SecuritiesSofyan KahruAbdul Hamid
5-Oct-2012Al fi'lu al-lazimu wal muta'adi fi illughoti al- arobi yati wal injlizi yati dirosah taqobuliyahAbdul HamidIrfan Abu Bakar
5-Oct-2012America Values In The 3-Minutes Story Of Animal TalesHilda RosidaAbdul Hamid
5-Oct-2012An analysis of euphemism in rubric world of the Jakarta post of December 2010 editionSangkawentar PujaningratAbdul Hamid
5-Oct-2012An analysis of illocutionary acts in business letters (a case atudy of some companies in CilegonRatu RuchinaAbdul Hamid
5-Oct-2012An Analysis of illocutionary acts in Sherlock Holmes movieAgung Suryo NugrohoAbdul Hamid
5-Oct-2012An Analysis of national agency ads viewed from connotative meaning of rolland barthes conceptsDinah MuhiddinAbdul Hamid
17-Oct-2016An Analysis Of Performance Depositor Fund In The Operation Of Indonesian Islamic Banking SystemSayakhmad OlimovAbdul Hamid; AriefMufraini
5-Oct-2012An analysis of slang language types in rush hour 2 movieRatna Perwita SariAbdul Hamid
5-Oct-2012An analysis on illocutionary acts in the novel A thousand splendid sunsIsmi AdindaAbdul Hamid
5-Oct-2012An Imagery Analysis on billy collin's poemsAang KurniawanAbdul Hamid
5-Oct-2012AN Interprectation of slang language in ocean in eleven movieSri WahyuniAbdul Hamid
5-Oct-2012An overview on indiomatic phrasal verb on a teen lit entitled wahat my mother doesn't knowSiti MutmainahAbdul Hamid
-Analisa faktor-faktor yang mempengaruhi motivasi manajemen perusahaan untuk melakukan tax planning: studi empiris pada Perusahaan di DKI JakartaIda HamadahAbdul Hamid
5-Oct-2012Analisa pengaruh Economic Value added (EVA) residual income (RI) dan Earnings terhadap return yan di terima ole pemegang sahamAdi FriandiAbdul Hamid