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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Advisor(s)
7-Aug-2015The influential legacy of dutch islamic Policy on the formation of zakat (alms) law In modern IndonesiaArskal Salim-
7-Aug-2015Islamic Law and SocietyArskal Salim-
6-Aug-2015Journal of the America academy of religionArskal Salim-
7-Aug-2015Muslim poliliticics in indonesia’s democratisation: ththe religiligiligiligious majority and the righrighrighrights of minorities in the post-new order eraArskal Salim-
7-Aug-2015Perkembangan awal hukum islam di nusantaraArskal Salim-
6-Aug-2015Peter Riddell Bible CollegeArskal Salim-
Nov-2019PLURALISME HUKUM di MinangkabauRestia GustianaArskal Salim
7-Aug-2015Politics, Criminal Justice and Islamisation in Aceh By Arskal SalimArskal Salim-
7-Aug-2015Praktek penyelesaian formal dan informal masalah pertanahan, kewarisan dan perwalian pasca tsunami di banda aceh dan aceh besarArskal Salim-
2018Prophetic cupping (hijamah) treatment for chronic degenerative disease patients from medical and historical philology perspectives: Indonesia And Malaysia approachFlori Ratna Sari; Arskal Salim; Fika Ekayanti-
7-Aug-2015Review Essay: ”Discovering” Islamic LawArskal Salim-
7-Aug-2015Shari a from below in acehArskal Salim-
7-Aug-2015Studia Islamika, Indonesia Journal For Islamic StudiesArskal Salim-
7-Aug-2015University of Western Sydney- Gendering the islamic judiciary: female judges in the religious courts of indonesiaArskal Salim-
7-Aug-2015which sharia and whose shariaArskal Salim-